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About CIA Masters Collection Cookware from the Culinary Institute of America

For the professional chef in all of us!

The Culinary Institute of America, often called the CIA, has been the training ground for top chefs at the world's best restaurants for the past 60 years. Graduates include: Todd English, Sara Moulton, Charlie Palmer and thousands more.

Now, the expertise of the CIA's Master Chefs is available for all of our kitchens. Two Certified Master Chefs from the Culinary Institute of America have designed and tested more than 100 kitchen essentials to meet highest professional standards. The Masters Collection includes cookware, kitchen knives, bakeware, and tools made for the professional chef in all of us! Since there are so many brands of high quality cooking devices available, why did the Culinary Institute decide to develop these products and what makes the CIA Masters Collection different?

What makes CIA different?

The development of the Culinary Institute's Masters Collection had two goals. First, the products had to be best for the gourmet home-chef. It had to perform the best, be the easiest to use, the easiest to clean and the most useful. For example, the roaster does not have any welding on the inside cooking surface, so cleaning is much easier. The mixing bowls have measuring marks on the insides of each bowl.

The second goal was for each item in the Masters collection to be better than the leading products. For example, the saucepan was compared to those made by the best and most well known American-made cookware brands. Then, modifications were made to ensure that the CIA products were more useful. CIA cookware lids are the only lids on the market that list which pan/pots each lid fits. The Hyde Park knives were compared to the best German-made cutlery. A special handle ("Balance Forward") was designed to ensure that your grip is correct, based on Master Chef training at the CIA. This grip has 3 fingers on the handle, the thumb on the front of the blade and the index finger rests flat against the other side of the blade.

Now you can outfit your kitchen with a complete line of professional-quality products that all match, including cookware, cutlery, bakeware and tools. Each item is accompanied by tips and techniques from the Certified Master Chefs of the CIA, so you can be sure that you're using the utensil just like a Master Chef so you can get the best performance from it.

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CIA Masters Collection Cookware

The cookware in the Masters Collection is stainless and is fully clad. Fully clad cookware means that the copper core and 4 interior aluminum layers extend across the bottom of the pan and all the way up the sides of each pan to ensure even and quick heat distribution. The fully clad CIA cookware collection has seven layers of metal.

This professional quality cookware has a copper core surrounded by 4 layers of aluminum. The interior cooking surface is 18/10 stainless steel that is non-reactive and easy to clean. The exterior surface is magnetic stainless steel so the CIA Masters Collection Cookware can be used on any cooking surface, even induction ranges!

Hyde Park Cutlery

The cutlery in the CIA Masters Collection is made of top quality German steel. Similar to the best german knives, it is forged construction, all one piece with a full tang. What makes it different are specially designed handles which push the hand forward to ensure a proper grip for easiest and most efficient cutting and chopping.

CIA Masters Collection Bakeware

Similar to the other quality products from the Culinary Institute of America, the baking sheets, cake, muffin and loaf pans have specially-designed features to meet the highest standards of a master chef. For example, the edges are flat, so they're easy to clean, they don't trap food and water and they're easier to get in and out of the oven!

Essential Cooking Tools

With more than 60 items, everything you need for a gourmet, professional kitchen has been designed and tested to be the best! The measuring cups in the CIA Masters Collection have handles sized to prevent tipping. In addition, the handles on the CIA measuring cups and spoons have handles that are even with the top of the bowls for easy leveling of dry ingredients.

Each and every item in the CIA collection, from spatulas and wisks to thermometers and peelers, have all been designed by Master Chefs to make your cooking pleasurable and easy.

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