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Global Knives

About Global Knives


Global Knives are fine Japanese Cutlery made by Yoshikin. Global Japanese knives are the result of the merging of three different elements: Italian design aesthetics, German durability, and Japanese precision. It creatively combines all three elements resulting in a superior knives that offer perfect balance and innovative design. Development began in 1978 with a two-pronged approach - one on design and the other on cutting technology. Global perfected the concept of "a knife crafted out of a single piece of stainless steel, from the point of the blade to the butt of the handle" without including any foreign material. Industrial designer Komin Yamada designed a new Japanese kitchen knife based on this concept and created the GLOBAL knife. Initially the line consisted of only Global Japanese knives, such as Global Santoku Knives or the Global Sashimi Knife, but has since expanded to incorporate a wide variety of Global chefs knives and other more specialized Global kitchen knives. Now found in professional and home kitchens, Global knives are used by chefs around the globe. World renowned, Chef Anthony Bourdain, writing in Kitchen Confidential, implores his readers to replace all their kitchen knives with a single Global chef's knife.


Global knives offer the combination of perfect balance and innovative design. The Global knife is forged from one piece of the finest high carbon stainless steel, making it seamless between the handle and the blade. Knives from Global are made with a significantly harder alloy of steel, and are ground to a narrower angle. The Global knife blade utilizes Cromova 18 stainless steel, ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56°-58° which holds a razor sharp edge longer than any steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion. Global knives have a noticeably sharper edge, which allows a Global knife to hold its edge longer than traditional forged cutlery. The Global knife edge has a convex cross-sectional shape. From the ridge to the point of the blade, the Global edge is not a straight line, but rather forms a gradual curve. This makes the edge of the Global knife more effective for cutting. Cut foods easily separate from the blade as well. After much trial and error, this shape was chosen as the best in terms of the excellence of cutting qualities and overall ease of use. Stainless steel Global knives are lightweight, which helps reduces the risk of hand fatigue. The shortened handle with non-slip grip is perfect for chefs with smaller hands.

Manufacturing Process

Global first stamps the stainless steel blank into the shape of the blade. The metal is heat-treated at about 1000 degrees centigrade. Next, it undergoes rapid cooling at minus 80 degrees centigrade. This "sub-zero treatment" increases the hardness of the blade, and the enhanced uniformity of the stainless steel's crystalline structure leads to the improved cutting qualities. After this "sub-zero treatment," the knife is tempered by once again passing through another heat treatment, which takes approximately four hours. This tempering process makes the completed Global knife stronger, and virtually unbreakable.

Parts of a Global Knife

Blade: Stainless-steel blades "face ground" with a long taper for long-lasting sharpness

Handle: Stainless-steel, slip resistant handles filled with metal or sand for proper balance. Global knives have a distinctive appearance with black dimples present on the handle and on one model of their storage block. While assisting in providing a firm grip on the knife, the dimples are divisive on an aesthetic level.

Edge: The blade edges ground at a more acute angle for razor sharpness. The Global knife edge has a convex cross-sectional shape. From the ridge to the point of the blade, the edge is not a straight line, but rather forms a gradual curve. This makes the edge more effective for cutting, and the foods separate from the blade easily.

Care & Use of a Global Knife

Global Knives include a lifetime warranty against breakage and manufacturing defects.

Global recommends that you use a Global sharpening steel for realigning the edges of your Global knives before use. If your knive blade has dulled slightly, Global recommends using whetstones and ceramic sharpening rods instead of a European sharpening steel.

Here are instructions on how to use a whetstone

Buyers Beware: Fake Global Knives vs. Real Global Knives carries only authentic and genuine trademarked Global Knives and accessories and is an official authorized retailer. We carry everything that is available in the U.S. from Global. From Global kitchen knife sets and Global Asian Knives, to Global knives sharpening tools, you'll always find genuine Global knives on

  1. The real Globals have a very even pattern of black dimples, with each dimple neatly and symmetrically pressed from the steel. The base of the dimple is black.
  2. The logos "printed" on the blades of the real knives have crisp edges, and when new, have a very dark imprint. The logos on the fake knives have printing errors, and look faded.
  3. The edge of the blade on the real knives is incredibly even. The fake knives are very sharp, but the edge is visibly uneven.
  4. The most obvious give-away though, is the price. If a price, especially on-line, looks to good to be true, most likely, it is!

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