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About Capresso


Capresso for discerning coffee lovers! Before selecting Capresso, MetroKitchen's brand experts reviewed many quality coffee/espresso makers. Metrokitchen selected Capresso for several reasons. Capresso's reliability and extremely high quality was key in the decision. An equally important consideration was that Capresso has the same extremely high standards as Metrokitchen for service to customers. Capresso stands behind its advanced technology and unique Swiss design. And, Capresso continually innovates, making them the ONLY coffee/espresso maker for Metrokitchen to present to you.

An investment in innovative Swiss design and manufacturing - means great quality for you your kitchen.

Michael Kramm, President of Capresso and a long-time leader in bringing European-style coffee products to the U.S., views coffee makers as a central part of a kitchen. "A coffee maker sits on the kitchen counter 365 days of the year," says Mr. Kramm. "It should look great and complement any kitchen." If you've just invested in a new kitchen, Capresso has the luxury, style and quality to meet your standards.

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