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Ruffoni products

About Ruffoni Italian Copper Cookware

The copper used in Ruffoni cookware has exceptional conductivity (392°) compared to aluminum (225°) and stainless steel (16°). Ruffoni copper pans guarantee completely even cooking, even on a low flame. Heat is quickly conducted from the base to the sides of the pan. Food does not stick to the bottom or burn as long as the proper temperature and stirring techniques are used. Copper gives a constant cooking temperature and a considerable saving in energy, thanks to the very rapid rise to temperature.

Ruffoni Opera - Hand hammered and Hand Tinned with Brass Handles

Hand-tinned copper from Italy makes for stunning presentation as well as perfectly prepared cooking creations. MetroKitchen's selection of Ruffoni copper casseroles, pentolas, sauteuses and stockpots are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Hand hammered finishes and unique touches such as brass knobs in the shape of acorns make the Ruffoni copper cookware at MetroKitchen perfect for the professional chef in each of us.

Ruffoni Cremeria - Baking and Confectionery cookware

MetroKitchen's selection of Ruffoni copper products include pastry and baking classics such as the zabaglione bowl, sugar sauce pan and bain marie. Other top quality items in the pastry line from Ruffoni include a chocolate melter set with a lid, porcelain insert, spoon and candle burner.

Ruffoni Classici - Specialty cookware and accessories

Ruffoni Copper cookware's unique line of items for specialty dishes, such as risotto are works of art in themselves. MetroKitchen's selection of copper from Ruffoni includes a unique Pig Roast Pan, in the shape of a pig, as well as several sizes and styles of risotto and polenta pans and gorgeous sauce pans. One of Ruffoni's most unique items is the specialty distillator which is often used for decorative purposes because of its size and beautiful copper gleam.

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