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About CIA Masters Collection Cookware from the Culinary Institute of America

With so many cookware brands available why buy the CIA Masters Collection Cookware?

The master chefs who developed the CIA cookware used their vast knowledge so you can have the absolute best performing cookware. For example, every pan has a specially sized handle and is curved to become "an extension" of your hand, making it easiest to use, especially for recipes that require a great deal of cooking time.

CIA Masters Collection Cookware Features

Like the top brands of fully clad cookware, Masters Collection cookware has a magnetic stainless exterior so it can be used on all cook tops, including induction. But, unlike other top brands an additional 2 layers of metal 7 in total, including a center layer of copper, for the absolute best heat distribution and heat retention.

CIA Masters Collection Cookware Layers

Even the types of pots and pans that were selected for CIA Masters Collection cookware were based on the Master Chefs' experience.

For example, a saucier was chosen for two reasons. First, bowl shape eliminates scorching that can occur in the tight corners of straight-sided saucepans. A common problem for sauces and cream soups made in traditional saucepans. Second, for popular water-based cooking, the large, flat bottom heats faster because it has more heat contact and therefore is quicker to boil. Vegetables and other foods cook faster, retaining more of their nutrients. A key reason for the growing popularity of water-based cooking.

Designed by chefs for optimal performance, CIA Cookware from the Culinary Institute of America makes the perfect addition to your kitchen.