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Emile Henry Pizza Stones
Emile Henry

Emile Henry Pizza Stones

We think the Emile Henry pizza stone is the best you can possibly buy. 4 reasons: First, Emile Henry pizza stones don't stain. Second, you can use them for more than pizza. Bake cookies, warm bread, toast pastries. Third, a patented Emile Henry glaze acts like a natural non-stick so you can easily remove pizzas and more from this ceramic pizza stone. Finally, this French-made cookware helps pizzas be extra crisp because ceramic absorbs moisture from dough, as do unglazed stones. But Emile pizza stones don't stain or look gross after a few uses. Choose from 3 colors, figue (a purpley, eggplant color), olive or black. Each Emile Henry pizza stone is made in France.