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Scanpan Classic Cookware

Scanpan Classic Cookware

Scanpan Nonstick Cookware

Scanpan Classic cookware is designed to simplify cooking and clean up. Scanpan Classic cookware can be put in the dishwasher. And you can use metal utensils on its special nonstick surface. No need to buy separate nonstick tools for this Danish-made nonstick cookware. Scanpan Classic fry pans, saute pans, stock pots and roasters are designed to be used every day. They heat quickly and evenly without hot spots. Each pan or pot comes with a lifetime guarantee from Scanpan.

Scanpan Classic Set

Start your Scanpan Classic collection with this great cookware set.

Scanpan Fry Pans

Scanpan's permanent nonstick surface makes this the perfect fry pan for crepes, omelets and more!

Scanpan Professional Cookware

Scanpan Professional features the same great nonstick surface of Scanpan Classic but in a black finish with a riveted stainless steel handles.

Scanpan Saute Pans

Quickly brown chicken, seafood and more without sticking or scorching in a Scanpan sauté pan.

Scanpan Sauce Pans

From béchamel to oatmeal, the sauce pan by Scanpan will heat evenly with no hot spots.

Scanpan Casserole Pans

Enhance moisture that bastes the ingredients with the casserole pan by Scanpan.

Scanpan Dutch Ovens

The Scanpan dutch oven provides crispy brown surfaces that add to the flavor of any dish.

Scanpan Nonstick Roasting Pan

Use the Scanpan oven roaster for side dishes and main courses at family meals, potlucks and dinner parties.

Scanpan Wok

The permanent nonstick surface, and even heating surface of the Scanpan wok makes any stir-fry simple.

Scanpan Sauce Pots

Cook all your stews, chili, soups and stock to perfection using this Scanpan saucepot. It's large enough to cook for the whole family and some friends, too.

Scanpan Grill Pan

Bring the taste of freshly grilled foods inside with the Scanpan grill pan.

Scanpan Steamer Inserts

Steamer inserts make a great addition to your Scanpan Cookware. The Stack N Steam insert, by Scanpan, captures all the flavor and nutrients of food without spoiling the texture. The pasta insert makes it easy to cook your favorite pasta.

Scanpan Lids

A variety of lids to fit your favorite Scanpan.