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Wusthof Specialty Items
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Wusthof Specialty Items

Wusthof Knives

Wusthof has created a line of specialty items to compliment your knives. Counter top knife blocks and magnetic holders allow for easy access with safe storage. Cheese knives, cake knives, spatulas, mincers, and kitchen shears complete your collection of Wusthof products.

Wusthof Knife Blocks

Select from either oak, bamboo, or beechwood with 6, 8, 9, 17, 22, and 25 slot blocks.

Wusthof Sharpening Steels

Realign the edges of your Wusthof knives with every use with Wusthof honing steels.

Wusthof Cheese Knives

Both functional and beautiful, cheese knives are excellent presentation pieces and add an extra touch of elegance. For soft or hard Wusthof has created the right knife for any type of cheese.

Wusthof Kitchen Shears

Shears are one of the most useful kitchen utensils. Open packages, chop meats, chiffonade herbs and vegetables. Choose from: chrome, chrome plate, and stainless with red, black, or white handles.

Wusthof Poultry Shears

Curved shears of solid construction for chopping and separating poultry. Choose from: stainless, nickel plate, or chrome plate.

Wusthof Knife Storage

Check out our storage solutions including cutting boards with knife storage, under cabinet blocks and in-drawer trays.

Wusthof Knife Rolls & Cases

Check out our large selection of rolls and cases to safely transport and protect your valuable Wusthof knives.

Wusthof Spatulas & Turners

Wusthof make a wide variety of turners and spatulas, including slotted, solid, and offset styles.

Wusthof Magnetic Holders

Let your Wusthof knives "hang" around; they keep your knives handy and off of the counter. Choose from our magnetic holders in natural wood, black, white, and chrome plate. Great for limited counter space.

Wusthof Pastry & Baking Knives

Add to your favorite pastry chef's existing Wusthof collection with a variety of cake, baker's and confectioner's knives and spatulas.

Wusthof Mincers & Mezzalunas

Safely mince herbs, meats, fish, or vegetables with single or double concave chopping blades. Wusthof's boards make it even easier to use.

Wusthof Decorating Knives

Create decorative garnishes with specialty knives.