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Enclume Oval Pot Racks

Enclume offers a variety of sizes and designs based on the traditional oval rack.

Enclume Pot Racks by Shape

Enclume Oval Pot Racks

  • Enclume Four Point Ovals

    The open center design makes this rack an ideal choice for mounting around a lighting fixture or skylight, and the four mounting straps provide superb stability.

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  • Enclume Low Ceiling Oval

    Especially designed for low ceilings, this rack provides all the storage capacity of a classic three foot oval in a rack that's only 8.5" high. Mounts in-line or perpendicular to ceiling beams or joists.

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  • Enclume Three Foot Ovals

    Enclume's most popular rack is timeless and traditional. Eight feet of linear storage and classic looks will make this a showcase for your kitchen. Includes two 5" extension hooks.

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  • Enclume Five Foot Ovals

    Enclume's largest rack is found in the kitchens of professional and serious cooks. With nearly twelve feet of linear hanging space, it's the ultimate in presentation and utility. Timeless design and durable construction will make this rack the heart of your kitchen for years to come.

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