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Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Kyocera Ceramic Knives have many advantages over traditional steel cutlery. Sharper than most steel knives, these ultra-hard, ultra-sharp knives from Kyocera Ceramics hold their edge longer than steel, and they can last for years without sharpening. Ceramic knife blades have no metallic taste or smell, and they are stain-proof and rust-proof. Their nonstick ceramic surface makes them easy to clean, and their light weight and perfect balance make them a pleasure to use.

Kyocera Revolution White Series

Kyocera Revolution Series knives are very sharp and long lasting. These ceramic knives have a rounded tip, a thick blade (available in black and white), and an easy and comfortable to use ergonomic handle.

Kyocera Revolution Black Series

Kyocera Revolution Series knives have especially sharp blades. These ceramic knives come in either black or white. Their ergonomic handle makes them easy to hold and use.

Kyocera Classic Series

These wood-handled ceramic knives are Kyocera's most popular.

Kyocera Kyotop HIP Series

Exceptional Strength, ultra-lite weight ceramic cutlery with wood handles.

Kyocera Ceramic Peelers

The light, ceramic peelers provide excellent control for all peeling tasks.

Kyocera Ceramic Hand Slicers

Kyocera ceramic slicers provide smooth even slices and perfect string cuts.

Kyocera Ceramic Accessories

Ceramic accessories with superior edge, retention and durability. Ceramic Mills, Utility Scissors and more.

About Kyocera Ceramic Knives

What makes Kyocera ceramic knives so great? Learn about the advantages of using ceramic knives and Kyocera's process in creating ceramic cutlery.