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Pillivuyt Porcelain Kitchenware

Pillivuyt crafts porcelain and ceramic serving and baking platters in France, and has since 1818. You'll appreciate the bright white color and distinctive designs of Pillivuyt. Baking and pastry items, including creme brulee and souffle dishes, tart pans, even cake platters are great additions to your Pillivuyt porcelain collection.

Pillivuyt also crafts a wide range of hard to find serving dishes for items such as escargot, oysters and corn. Or, choose easy to clean French-made Pillivuyt for kitchen basics such as ceramic casseroles and roasters.

Pillivuyt Souffles, Tarts, and Baking

You'll appreciate the varied sizes of Pillivuyt souffle dishes. Tart pans and creme brulee dishes from Pilivuyt also come in individual serving sizes and for full sized ones. If you want French-made ceramic cake plates, serving platters and pastry dishes look to Pillivuyt for a variety of beautiful choices.

Pillivuyt Serving Platters

Select from a variety of distinctively designed Pillivuyt serving platters. These French made ceramic serving dishes come in oval, round, square or rectangular shapes. Present everything you serve in the best light with Pillivuyt high quality, bright white porcelain serving dishes.

Pillivuyt Roasting & Baking Dishes

The glaze on these ceramic roasting dishes made by Pillivuty provides a natural non-stick finish. Rely on these French made baking dishes and pans for easy clean up. Beautiful French design and high quality craftsmanship make these ceramic dishes look special enough to serve on any dining table.

Pillivuyt Soup Tureens

Elegantly serve your favorite soups with the classic lion head soup tureen from Pillivuyt. Individual ceramic soup tureens hold 4 ounces and definitely add an extra festive look to any holiday dinner. Pillivuty soup tureens also come in a large 3.5 quart size ideal for buffets.