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CIA Masters Collection 10 inch Stainless Steel Saute Pan (Fry Pan)

CIA Masters Collection 10 inch Stainless Steel Saute Pan (Fry Pan)

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Use the Culinary Institute of America Masters Collection 10 inch saute pan to create succulent entrees of 3 to 4 servings. From intense flavors like duck breast in orange sauce to more delicate sole dishes, the outstanding heat conductivity of the 7-ply construction makes this stainless steel pan a great choice for beginning or highly skilled cooks. Transferring the food to a plate or platter is effortless due to sloped sides and rounded bottom. nal.

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Trust this Culinary Institute fry or saute pan for sautes with true flavors because the high quality 18/10 stainless steel cooking surface does not react with acids to create unwelcome metallic flavors.

  • Quick and even heat distribution is a result of 7 layers of fully-clad stainless steel and copper
  • The cooking surface is easy to clean since it's made from 18/10 stainless steel.
  • Your purchase benefits the Culinary Institute of America Scholarship Fund
  • Measures 10 inches in diameter
  • 2 1/4 quart capacity
  • Polished magnetic stainless steel exterior can be used on any cooking surface, including induction
  • Oven safe up to 500° F
  • Cooking surface is non-reactive to acids and alkalines, 18/10 stainless steel
  • 7 layers of stainless steel, aluminum, copper deliver quick, consistent heat throughout the fully clad cookware
  • Riveted cast stainless steel handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and strength
  • Curved handle has an elegant contrasting brushed/polished finish and a channel for easy gripping
  • Durable stainless steel rivets permanently secure handle to pan
  • Lifetime warranty from the Culinary Institute of America Masters Collection with normal use and proper care
  • Made in China

UPC: 073287235090
  • For the best cooking performance, we recommend heating the pan for 1-2 minutes prior to adding food. Use a low to medium heat setting.
  • Suitable for all cooking surfaces--induction, gas, electric, halogen, ceramic.
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 500° F
  • Add salt after water has started to boil, otherwise small white dots or pits can form. Pitting does not interfere with cooking, it just doesn't look good and can be easily avoided.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • To remove food residue and stains, use a nylon scrubbing pad and a fine-powdered cleanser, such as Bar Keepers Friend. Steel wool, scouring pads and bleach-based cleaners not recommended.
  • Overheating can cause blue or brown discoloration. Remove with Bar Keepers Friend or other fine-powdered cleaners.
  • We recommend allowing cookware to cool prior to washing, otherwise warping may occur.


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After working in a commercial kitchen, I love coming home to CIA cookware. For the price, Viking cannot compare. All-Clad, no matter what series, is never worth it (uneven cooking, light weight, copper-core series never holds temperatures correctly. Viking, CIA, and Mauviel (M'cook) are the best stainless cookware options in the US. CIA is of the same quality as all the others, it just takes it on design and price. If you cannot tell the difference between Emeril-ware and CIA you have no business in a kitchen. CIA's cooking surface steel is rated 18-10. This rating is universal and any variability in the "softness" of this material from one brand to another is going to be impossible to detect through a "brilla-pad inspection." These pans heat and retain heat beautifully. They are heavy enough sustain abuse far above regular use(I've left the steamer on high heat and the water ran out, the pot tarnished but it was easily taken off with a sponge and polish, what is most important is that there is not a hint of warping). Any and all stainless "blues" especially when new; products such as copper-brite take it away without effort. (I keep some next to the soap and just put it in the mix when washing all my stainless); every piece is shinny and bright- except the all-clad pieces which age, I am now in the process of phasing out all the all-clad in exchange for CIA). The shape of CIA cookware is perfect. Their balance more comfortable than my Vikings. I really appreciate the shape of the sauciers; its a true saucier not just a deep skillet. Viking does not offer such a shape, and Mauviel is just plain pricey, and has uncomfortable handles. The exteriors are attractive and hold their shine wonderfully. The matte or brushed exterior finishes of my Vikings and All-clad MC2's initially hide stains, but ultimately become more difficult to clean. The weight of the pans is perfectly balanced as well as appropriately engineered. Viking is the same ply but has added weight. I have found no benefit in the weight differences. They both take the same amount of time to heat and hold heat the same; its just my wrist that can tell the difference at the end of the night, not the food. I would not recommend these pans for people who rely on sets, these are for people who can tell the difference between cast aluminum and stainless steel. And more than that people who appreciate smart design and appropriate applications. I have nearly every piece of the CIA collection, and have many pieces from other various sets. CIA is my favorite for more reasons than listed here. Buy some of the smaller pieces first to see if you can tell the difference. If not than a lesser cookware is for you, if you can then I am glad you are enjoying a nearly perfect piece of cookware.