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All-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 9 Piece Cookware Set

All-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 9 Piece Cookware Set

Item ID: AC-5000-9
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The All-Clad Tri-Ply stainless steel 9 piece cookware set is a great way to quickly outfit your kitchen with superb quality All-Clad cookware. This stainless steel cookware set was created to provide the basics for the every day cook. You'll get one of each of the basic All-Clad pans, including a fry pan, a saute pan, a casserole pan, a sauce pan and a practical stockpot. Each pan, except the skillet, comes with its own lid.

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This All-Clad 9 piece Tri-Ply stainless set includes:
  • 10 inch fry pan
  • 2 quart sauce pan with lid
  • 3 quart casserole with lid
  • 3 quart saute pan with lid
  • 6 quart stock pot with lid
  • All-Clad fully-clad cookware and lids are made in the USA.
  • 10 inch fry pan measures 10-1/2 inch diameter, 18-1/2 inch diameter including handle, 2-1/2 inches deep
  • 2 quart sauce pan measures 6 inches diameter 4 1/8 inches deep
  • 3 quart casserole with lid measures 8 inch diameter, 3 9/16 inches deep
  • 3 quart saute pans measures 10 1/2 inch diameter, 2 9/16 inches deep
  • 6 quart stock pot with lid measures 10 1/2 inch diameter, 4 1/4 inches deep
  • Foods retain their expected tastes since the 18/10 stainless steel cooking surface does not react with acids or alkalies to alter flavors.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with all cook tops, including induction
  • Oven safe up to 500° F
  • Heat is even and quick as result of a layer of superb heat-conducting aluminum sandwiched between layers of stainless steel.
  • Lifetime warranty from All-Clad with normal use and proper care
  • All-Clad fully-clad cookware is made in the USA.

UPC: 011644500092

Brand: All-Clad
  • Please note: Minor imperfections and slight color variations are normal in All-Clad cookware and All-Clad cookware sets.
  • For the best cooking performance, we recommend heating the pan for 1-2 minutes prior to adding food. Use a low to medium heat setting.
  • Suitable for all cooking surfaces--induction, gas, electric, halogen, ceramic.
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 500° F
  • Add salt after water has started to boil, otherwise small white dots or pits can form. Pitting does not interfere with cooking, it just doesn't look good and can be easily avoided.
  • To keep the non-stick surfaces from scratching, use nylon or plastic utensils
  • Dishwasher safe
  • To remove food residue and stains, use a nylon scrubbing pad and a fine-powdered cleanser, such as Bar Keepers Friend.
  • Steel wool, scouring pads and bleach-based cleaners not recommended
  • Overheating can cause blue or brown discoloration. Remove with Bar Keepers Friend or other fine-powdered cleaners.
  • We recommend allowing cookware to cool prior to washing, otherwise warping may occur.
  • Lifetime warranty from All-Clad with normal use and proper care


All-Clad 9 Piece Stainless - Excellent Buy
Jan 18, 2010  |  By Linda Hanna
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I purchased this set in the summer of '09 - absolutely love it & the free gifts are just perfect. MetroKitchen is the BEST website to work with. If you call you actually get a person to speak with. Fast delivery. If I need more All-Clad this is where I'll buy it!

Staining not a problem!
Mar 15, 2009  |  By Melissa
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I have had these pots and pans going on 8 years now and I absolutly LOVE them. Initially I too didn't like the staining/ discoloration so I went in search of a solution... BARKEEPERS FRIEND works like a champ! My pots look as good as the day I bought them! Also, once cleaned properly food does not stick! EDITOR'S NOTE: You can find Bar Keepers friend at Metrokitchen -

It was time!
Jun 4, 2008  |  By Beth
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I've had an All-Clad "everything" pan (I don't remember their name for it) for over a year now and have loved its even heating, perfect size, and ease of handling. After using that pan just a few times, I knew I would be getting a set someday. Finally ordered this nine-piece set a few weeks ago and am so happy. I like this set because it has just enough pieces. I didn't want two fry pans, and I like the casserole pan for its double handles. When it's full of boiling water, I feel safer being able to lift it with both hands. The flip side of that is, unlike the long handles on the other pans, the short ones on the casserole pan get hot. Personally, I'd rather yelp "ouch!" for a second and grab a potholder than spill boiling water all over me. I may get the 3 qt saucepan eventually, but for now I have exactly what I want. These pans do discolor a bit, as others have noted, but that's easily resolved with Barkeepers Friend if it bothers you. If you can spend the money for these pans, they're a superb choice.

All Clad Stainless Set .... awesome!
May 27, 2008  |  By Michelle
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I started with just the 8" fryer just to see how I would like this cookware. Other than staining and discoloration (as noted by the prevoius reviewer), I loved the pan! Fast and even cooking! Food tastes better! You must not overheat the pan .... I usually let the pan heat up at med (or just a little over medium) heat, for about 2 minutes. Then, add cooking spray or oil, and let that sit for about another 30 seconds. Then, add food. Wash pans right after cooking, in hot water only. I would not suggest any type of normal dishwashing soap. I finally ordered the 9 piece set about a month ago, and I am NOT dissapointed. It's a beautiful set that works perfectly ever time. And the best part .... I read that I should polish with Barkeeper's Friend. I purchased the one for stainless cookware. It does a superb job! Even my original 8" fryer, that I have had for a year polished up just as good as new!! Now, there is nothing that I don't like about this All Clad Stainless set!

Great Cooking Set
Mar 26, 2008  |  By Steve Barlow
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The only negative I've found on the stainless set is the inside of the pots/pans are prone to stains and discoloration. Doesn't effect functionality. Purchased about a year ago. Would do same thing again.

5 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews.



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Buy $500 or more of All-Clad & receive a FREE All-Clad Lasagna Pan, 2 All-Clad Oven Mitts and an Italian Cookbook.
$170 retail value! Ships with order!

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