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Bamix Mono M133 Immersion Blender

Bamix Mono M133 Immersion Blender

Item ID: BMX-102206

There's a reason Gordon Ramsey is a fan of theBamix Mono M133 Immersion Blender. This hand blender, which is sometimes called an immersion blender is ideal when you want to shred, mix, puree or whip vegetables or liquids but not use an extra container. With the immersion blender from Bamix you can use it to blend in a pot, a bowl or any type of container deep enough to hold the ingredients you're using. This Swiss-made blender also has 3 year guarantee on the motor.

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Easily make nutritious and tasty vegetable based sauces, soups and more with this Swiss-made Bamix hand blender.
  • It comes with three attachments:
  • Stainless steel whisk for stirring,mixing and pureeing
  • Stainless steel beater to aerate, emulsify, whip or beat
  • Stainless steel multi-purpose blade
  • A wall bracket is also included
  • For information on how to put attachments on the Bamix, click on the use and care tab
  • Made in Switzerland

  • Total length is 15.6 inches, 39.5 cm.
  • Weighs 2 pounds, 1 ounce
  • The 2 motor speeds are 8,000 and 12,000
  • The motor has 140W, is 120 V, AC/50-60 cycles.
  • RPM is 10-17k revolutions/minute.
  • Includes 4 attachments - mincer, beater, whisk and multi-purpose
  • Has safety switch with impulse contact.
  • All components and parts are resistant to corrosive foods.
  • Designed for 5-minute intermittent operation.
  • Before operating motor, ensure driveshaft is immersed.
  • Do not operate without guard.
  • Lubricate blades with vegetable oil every few months.
  • Made in Switzerland
  • 3 year warranty on the motor and 2 year warranty on parts, with normal use and proper care

UPC: 7610497600480

Brand: Bamix
  • To put on or exchange attachments, make sure the attachment is as straight as possible as you slide it onto the stub on drive pin.
  • The stub on base of the unit fits exactly into the small recess in the socket of the attchment.
  • To remove an attachment, just pull it off the stub. It will easily come off the base without tugging or strong pulling.

  • Clean immediately following each use to prevent clogging drive shaft
  • Wipe handle clean with a damp cloth; do not place under running water.
  • The easiest way to clean food particles that may be stuck on your Bamix is to hold the blending stick in a container of hot, soapy water as if you were going to blend the water. Do not immerse the top of the Bamix in water.
  • Turn on the Bamix for a few seconds. If bits of food still remain, repeat the process.
  • Wash thoroughly under running water to remove all of the dish soap.
  • Do not put the top of the Bamix or any of the electrical components in the water when you are cleaning or it will destroy the Bamix and invalidate its warranty.
  • Do not dry blades by hand, simply wash and allow to drip dry.
  • For more details, please review the instruction guide that came with your Bamix or click on the one below.