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Bamix Professional SliceSy Attachment - White

Bamix Professional SliceSy Attachment - White

Item ID: BMX-150082
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Bamix Professional SliceSy Attachment in white slices, grates, chops and rasps (a coarse grate or scrape). This Bamix attachment is really a mini- food processor! This Swiss-made attachment for the Bamix immersion blender comes with 3 stainless steel attachments and a recipe book. As with all hand blenders from Bamix, the SlicSy attachment has 3 year warranty on the motor.

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The SliceSy attachment is a must have extra for your Bamix immersion blender.
  • It includes these three essential attachments:
  • Stainless steel chopping blade
  • Stainless steel shredding blade
  • Stainless steel slicing blade
  • Also comes with a useful recipe book.
  • Made in Switzerland
  • SlicSy measures 5.5 x 7.5 inches.
  • All attachments are stainless steel
  • Made in Switzerland

UPC: 7610497600688

Brand: Bamix
  • To put on or exchange attachments, make sure the attachment is as straight as possible as you slide it onto the stub on drive pin.
  • The stub on base of the unit fits exactly into the small recess in the socket of the attachment.
  • To remove an attachment, just pull it off the stub. It will easily come off the base without tugging or strong pulling.

  • Clean immediately following each use to prevent clogging drive shaft
  • Wipe handle clean with a damp cloth; do not place under running water.
  • The easiest way to clean food particles that may be stuck on your Bamix is to hold the blending stick in a container of hot, soapy water as if you were going to blend the water. Do not immerse the top of the Bamix in water.
  • Turn on the Bamix for a few seconds. If bits of food still remain, repeat the process.
  • Wash thoroughly under running water to remove all of the dish soap.
  • Do not put the top of the Bamix or any of the electrical components in the water when you are cleaning or it will destroy the Bamix and invalidate its warranty.
  • Do not dry blades by hand, simply wash and allow to drip dry.
  • For more details, please review the instruction guide that came with your Bamix or click on the one below.