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Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone Sharpener for Electric Food Slicer Blades

Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone Sharpener for Electric Food Slicer Blades

Item Code: CC-498
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This Chef'sChoice 498 Diamond Hone sharpener for electric food slicer blades is specially designed for electric slicers from Chef'sChoice. It's capable of sharpening serrated blades as well as the fine edges on other models. The first stage on this sharpener from Chef'sChoice is capable of grinding even the hardest steel because it has 100 percent diamond abrasives. The second stage is for fine honing and is also great for sharpening serrated blades.

This sharpener can renew a factory-sharp edge on your Chef's Choice electric slicer!
  • Each of the two stages can sharpen even the hardest steel thanks to their diamond abrasives
  • Precise and accurate sharpening angles for fast, easy slicing
  • Recommended for Chef's Choice Models 620, 625, 630, 632, 640, and 645

  • 2 stages - sharpening and honing
  • Diamond abrasives in stages 1 and 2
  • One-year warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Chef'sChoice
  • Annually remove any metal dust that accumulates inside the sharpener by removing the small rectangular clean-out cover and brush off filings from the magnet with a paper towel, dry cloth or small brush.
  • No lubrication is needed for any moving parts.
  • There is no need for water on abrasives.
  • The exterior of the sharpener may be cleaned by carefully wiping with a damp cloth.
  • Do not use detergents or abrasives
  • Do no immerse in water or other liquids or item will be ruined and not covered by any warranty.