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Fissler Vitaquick 4.8 qt. Pressure Cooker w/Perforated Inset

Fissler Vitaquick 4.8 qt. Pressure Cooker w/Perforated Inset

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You can use the Fissler Vitaquick 4.8 quart pressure cooker to make healthy meals in less time than you can with conventional cookware! This Vitaquick pressure cooker from Fissler saves energy and cooks faster than other cookware because uses the steam from the liquid in your dish to create pressure inside the cooker. Both of its two settings, "gentle" and "speed," cook much faster than conventional cookware. Also, the 18/10 stainless steel construction is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and will never alter the flavor of your food.

The Fissler 4.8 quart Vitaquick pressure cooker is compatible with most stove tops and provides fast, even heating thanks to Fissler's CookStar all-stove base!
  • You can measure liquids directly inside the pot with the internal measuring scale
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe thanks to the removable auto-locking handle and stainless steel construction
  • Fissler Vitaquick pressure cookers stack together neatly thanks to their new conical shape
  • No rattle, hiss, or other during cooking
  • Odorless cooking because steam does not escape during the cooking process
  • Large blue indicator rod makes it easy to monitor cooking heat even from a distance
  • Safer cooking thanks to pressure valve that automatically releases steam when necessary
  • Includes a tripod and a perforated inset for easy steaming
  • Lifetime warranty with normal use and proper care
  • Made in Germany

  • Measures 8.7 inches in diameter
  • 4.8 quart capacity
  • 18/10 stainless steel construction
  • "CookStar all-stove base" made from 18/10 stainless steel and aluminum for even, quick heating
  • Compatible with gas, electric, and induction stoves. Fissler pressure cookers are not suitable for other heat sources.
  • Auto-locking, removable handle with visual indicator
  • Automatic steam release
  • Indicator rod with two settings for gentle or fast cooking
  • Includes perforated inset and tripod for steaming
  • UL-listed for household use
  • Includes a lifetime warranty from Fissler with normal use and proper care
  • Made in Germany

UPC: 4009209321332

Brand: Fissler
  • All parts are dishwasher safe, including removable auto-lock handle
  • Read use & care instructions before using your pressure cooker for the first time.
  • Can be used on gas, electric, and induction stoves. Not suitable for other heat sources.
  • Do not seal or cover the pressure cooker while deep-frying.
  • Do not place pressure cooker in the oven, as this will destroy plastic components
  • Do not alter the safety mechanisms, except for the maintenance measures described in the instructions for use included with the unit. Do not repair or oil the valves! Use only original Fissler replacement parts to ensure that your pressure cooker will function properly and safely.
  • Make sure that parts which wear out, such as the rubber gasket, silicone membrane, valve base seal, and O-ring for the Euromatic are replaced every 1-2 years at the latest by Fissler original replacement parts. Replace parts which show discolorations, have cracks or other damage, or do not fit correctly with Fissler original replacement parts before using the pressure cooker again.
  • Only use your Fissler pressure cooker with the Fissler pressure cooker lid for the same model.
  • Never use your pressure cooker without adding liquid, as this could result in damage.
  • Make sure that the cooker is properly closed before it is heated up.
  • Keep an eye on the pressure cooker while cooking, especially the indicator rod. Regulate the heat so that the indicator rod does not rise above the desired cooking setting. In this case, if the heat is not decreased, steam will escape through the valve, cooking times will change, and a total loss of liquid can result in damage to the cooker and burner.
  • Move the pressure cooker very carefully when it is under pressure. Do not touch the hot outer surfaces of the pressure cooker, as you could burn yourself by doing so! Only touch the handles when cooking, and use pot holder gloves when necessary.
  • Pressure cookers must be shaken before opening. This will prevent pockets of steam, which might be caught within the food, from spattering up when the pressure cooker is opened and scalding you. Do not cook apple sauce or stewed fruits in a pressure cooker.
  • Never try to force the pressure cooker open. Do not open it before you are certain that the steam inside has been expelled completely.
  • Always keep your hands, head, and body out of the danger zone when releasing steam from the pressure cooker! Be particularly careful about this when depressurizing with the safety slide.
  • If you have cooked meat with skin (e.g. tongue) or sausage with casing, which can swell when under pressure, do not pierce the skin as long as it is swollen. This could result in scalding!
  • If the pressure cooker or any of its parts are damaged or do not function as described in the instructions for use, do not use the pressure cooker.
  • Feel free to contact your Fissler retailer or Fissler Customer Service if you have any questions after reading the instructions for use.

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