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Scanpan Professional 6 1/2 qt. Nonstick Stockpot

Scanpan Professional 6 1/2 qt. Nonstick Stockpot

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The Scanpan Professional 6 1/2 inch non-stick stockpot is ideal for slow cooking stews, one pot meals and roasts. Especially even heat distribution plus a non-stick surface help to eliminate bottom burning. With Scan pan stockpots, uneven cooking or burning is not an issue! Its depth and straight sides also make this stock pot perfect for cooking large amounts of pastas. It comes with a stainless lid, making the Scanpan stockpot an especially good value. Scanpan pots and pans are made with 100% recycled aluminum and crafted in Denmark.

You'll appreciate the size of Scanpan's largest capacity non-stick stockpot. Use it for your next large gathering to make chile or a hearty beef stew. We especially like it because clean up is so easy. No scraping or soaking to get that circle of cooked on foods that we often see in these types of dishes.
  • Its durable non-stick surface makes it easy to cook quick, healthy meals with little or no fats or oils.
  • Feel free to use metal utensils and your Scan pan cookware won't scratch
  • Scan pan is dishwasher safe.
  • Scanpan has even heat and no "hot spots."
  • Scanpan cookware is made from 100% recycled aluminum and is PFOA free.
  • Scanpan professional cookware comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Made in Denmark
  • Not induction compatible

    • Capacity is 6.5 quarts
    • Measures 10-1/4 inches in diameter, 8 inches tall with lid. With handles, measures 16 inches long
    • Oven safe to 500° F
    • NOT induction compatible
    • Dishwasher safe
    • The cooking surface is made from a patented blend of two of the world's hardest substances, ceramic and titanium. Diamonds have a hardness of 10. Scanpan is 9.5!
    • Unlike most non-stick cookware, Scanpan's non-stick is not just a coating. It's an integral part of the pan.
    • An independent German lab tested the durability of the non stick surface. They took a metal spatula, added a 2 pound weight to it. Ran it over the surface more than 300,000 times. The pan was fine. The spatula wasn't--about 1/3 of it was ground away.
    • Sturdy, riveted handles
    • Lifetime guarantee from Scanpan with normal use and proper care
    • Made in Denmark. Pan is made from 100% recycled aluminum.

    UPC: 083421625267

    Brand: Scanpan
    • For the best cooking performance, we recommend heating your Scanpan cookware for 1-2 minutes prior to adding food. Use a low to medium heat setting.
    • Suitable for most cooking surfaces. NOT induction compatible.
    • Oven and broiler safe up to 500° F
    • Nylon, silicone or wooden utensils recommended; however, metal utensils will not damage Scan pan's patented nonstick coating.
    • Dishwasher safe
    • To remove food residue and stains, use a nylon scrubbing pad
    • We recommend allowing cookware to cool prior to washing, otherwise warping may occur.
    • Do not use aerosol sprays, as residue can impact cooking performance.
    • Lifetime warranty from Scanpan, with normal use and proper care.


    Scanpan 6-qt stock pot
    May 30, 2008  |  By Adrienne Harkavy
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    Heavy enough to do the job, light enough to lift easily when full. Good browning when pot is heated before adding oil and oil allowed to be very hot when food is added. Trumps my All-Clad for clean-up. Great on 15,000BTU Viking burners.

    5 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.

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