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Victorinox Forschner Swiss Classic 10 inch Sharpening/Honing Steel

Item ID: VX-6.8002.US1

The Victorinox Forschner Swiss Classic 10 inch Sharpening/Honing Steel is essential to keeping your precision Victorinox knives in razor sharp condition. While some call this a sharpening steel, and blades certainly feel much sharper after using this steel on them, the function of a honing steel is to reposition the microscopic steel "teeth" at the cutting edge of any steel blade. This results in a feeling of greater sharpness, but without actual steel removal. Sharpening stones or diamond embedded steels remove steel from the knife blade. This actually resharpens the edge of steel blades. The Victorinox honing steel will do a very quick job of repositioning the microscopic "teeth" at the cutting edge of all knives and keep knives feeling razor sharp for a long time, while not actually removing steel from the edge of the knife.

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You will appreciate how this Classic 10 inch sharpening/honing steel will easily keep your Victorinox knives razor sharp for years to come.
  • A few strokes on the honing steel after each use will keep knives performing like they were new.
  • Cleanup is easy with the ergonomic Fibrox handles.
  • Fibrox handle is National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) certified.
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Lifetime warranty with normal use and proper care.

UPC: 046928543328

Brand: Victorinox