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USA Pan Cookware & Bakeware

Cookware and Bakeware made by USA Pan has commercial restaurant and bakery durability built into each pan and pot. Select from well-priced cupcake and loaf pans to five ply stainless steel stock pots, skillets and sauce pans. Each USA Pan Bakeware item is made from heavy-gauge commercial-grade aluminized steel. USA PAN cookware is made of a combination of 5 layers of stainless steel and an aluminum core for quick heating.

USA Pan products are environmentally friendly, as 65% of the steel in these kitchen essentials is recycled! Cooks Illustrated Magazine recently gave USA Pan Bakeware a "BEST" rating. USA PAN Bakeware is made in Pennsylvania and USA PAN Cookware is made in Kansas! Each product has a lifetime guarantee from USA Pans.

USA Pan Cookware

USA Pan cookware features fast & even heating thanks to its 5-ply construction. The stainless steel cooking surface is perfect for cooking any food because it will never react with them and change their flavors. USA Pan cookware is made in Kansas.

USA Pan Bakeware

Made from commercial-quality aluminized steel, bakeware by USA Pan is ideal for any kitchen. The silicone finish on each pan makes them easy to clean and keeps baked items from sticking. USA Pan bakeware is made in Pennsylvania.