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Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix blenders bring commercial quality and performance into your home. More than just a blender, the Vitamix can chop, blend and pulverize. You can even make hot soup or frozen coffee delights with this fabulous commercial grade blender. Choose the style of blender from Vitamix that best fits your budget and your cooking requirements. Vitamix blenders are made in the USA, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Vitamix Turbo Blend Series

You'll appreciate the great value and superb performance combined in the Vitamix Turbo Blend series. It has the same commercial-level power as the Vitamix Professional Series and the 500 Series, but has only two speeds. It is made in the USA!

Vitamix CIA Pro Series

Vitamix CIA Professional Series blender is an upgrade of the Vitamix Turbo Blend 4500. Chefs at the Culinary Institue of America are huge fans of this Vitamix blender, that's why they have developed special recipes this blender. This super charged electric blender is backed by Vitamix with a 7 year warranty.

Vitamix Pro Series

The Vitamix Professional Series blenders is the top of the line Vitamix blenders. These commercial quality blenders has amazing time-saving features like 3 automatic settings.

Compare Vitamix Blenders

Still not sure which Vitamix is right for you? Use our handy Vitamix Comparison Guide to review all the features side-by-side to help you make the best decision based on your cooking needs.

Vitamix Replacement Containers

On the rare occasion you need a replacement, Vitamix replacement containers are available, including specially configured containers to fit under your countertop.

Vitamix S-Series Personal Blender

This innovative blender from Vitamix is great for smoothie lovers! With the unique Vitamix combination blending & travel container, just dump your ingredients in it, blend and your smoothie is ready to go! Only one container to wash too. Made in the USA!

Vitamix Recipe Book

Packed with 320 recipes, the Vitamix recipe book features all kinds of recipes created by chefs.