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Top Brands of Kitchen Accessories

Top Brands of Kitchen Accessories

When you want to add an extra measure of style to your kitchen and cooking efforts, MetroKitchen has the top brands you want. Show off your beautiful All Clad stainless cookware or Mauviel copper with a hand-crafted in the USA Enclume pot rack or wine rack. Open your favorite wine with the Rabbit corkscrew and pour it into a stunning Riedel decanter or wine glass. When you need the right surface for carving the tenderloin, you'll find a Boos block to be indispensable and great looking. Add freshly ground pepper with French-made Peugeot pepper mills and salt grinders.

John Boos Blocks & Cutting Boards

John Boos cutting blocks are made in the USA, from North American hardwoods. They're solid, long lasting and great looking. The John Boos company also crafts wonderful butcher block tables, kitchen islands and a variety of good looking kitchen furniture. Made in the USA!

Enclume Pot Racks

Enclume pot racks are made in the USA, in Washington. Well trained craftsmen weld a variety of metals, from bronze to stainless steel, into useful and beautiful pot racks that hang from the ceiling, wall racks, stand along cookware racks, book shelves, even wine racks.

Microplane Graters

Microplane graters are superb grating tools. Microplane has its origins in carpenters' tools. Unique blade patterns, all of which are made in the USA, are designed with efficiency in mind. Zest citrus, grate chocolate or shred cheddar, Microplane graters will help you quickly and easily get the right texture of ingredients.

Peugeot Salt & Pepper Mills

Peugeot makes the best salt and pepper mills in the world & have been doing it longer than any one else. Peugeot puts great care into making each and every one of its grinders. Peugeot developed a two-stage grinder that first cracks the peppercorn, then grinds it to the size you need. Made in France.

Rabbit Corkscrews

"The Rabbit" from MetroKane pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat. Then with a quick reverse twist, you can easily remove the cork, so the Rabbit corkscrew is quickly ready to use again.

Riedel Glassware

Riedel wine glasses are known for the glass shapes that are designed to enhance the flavor of all wines. Each style of glass, from cabernet to vigonier, is shaped to direct wine to your taste buds that are most sensitive to flavor components in that wine. Made in Austria and Germany.

Peugeot Wine Accessories

Peugeot also features wine accessories for oenophiles. Rechargeable Peugeot electric corkscrews can easily remove even the most troubling cork. The Peugeot wine aging key can help you age your young bordeaux in seconds.