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Mauviel Specialty Copper Items

Mauviel Specialty Copper Items

Mauviel Copper Cookware

Browse our large selection of specialty copper items from Mauviel. Many items can be special ordered. These items vary in copper thickness.

Mauviel Roasting Pans

Rectangular pans for roasting meats and preparing lasagna or other large dishes in the oven.

Mauviel Crepe Pans

The ultimate pan for perfect crepes!

Mauviel Oval Fry Pan

Preparing pan-seared fish is only one of the many uses you will find for the oval fry pan.

Mauviel Oval Pan

Asparagus is beautifully presented in this elegant two handled casserole-type pan.

Mauviel Round Pans

Available in several sizes, these pans can be used for serving anything from an individual entree to a casserole.

Mauviel Open Stir Fry

A small wok without a lid, the ideal size for single serving quantities.

Mauviel Butter Warmer

A beautiful small pot for melting butter and warming sauces.

Mauviel Flambe Ladle

With its long handle, the flambe ladle is designed for pouring flaming liquids.

Mauviel Sugar Sauce Pan

Sugar sauce pans are used for melting and caramelizing sugar or other ingredients that have a low burning point.

Mauviel Zabaglione

The Zabaglione is a European version of the double boiler. It nests inside a sauce pan using simmering water for heating.

Mauviel Preserving Pan

These pans are used because of the way that they do not react with fruits when they're being cooked. They are very large.

Mauviel Syrup Pan

Unlined copper pots are unsurpassed for cooking sugar and syrup mixtures. The syrup pan by Mauviel is a perfect addition to any collection.

Mauviel Mixing Bowls

This pure copper mixing bowl is the classic for beating egg whites.

Mauviel Bain-Marie

Similar to a double boiler, the bain-marie has a ceramic insert to evenly disperse gentle heat.

Mauviel Rechaud

The large Rechaud uses a paste burner and can accommodate larger pans. The smaller Rechaud uses a candle.

Mauviel Tatin Tart Pan

Copper pie pans for all sizes of tarts and pastries.

Mauviel Fish Kettle

This is the ideal pan for poaching fish.