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Shun Classic Knives from KAI
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Shun Classic Knives from KAI

Shun Knives

KAI Shun Classic knives are beautiful and have a strong stainless steel core that's corrosion-resistant. 32 layers of additional steel and metals are bonded to it for sharpness, durability and beauty. The Shun handle is ergonomic made of an easy-to-clean blend of resin and hard birch wood.

Shun Classic Sets

Whether you're looking for a gift or starting your own Shun collection, these knife sets feature some of Shun's most popular knives.

Shun Classic Chefs Knives

A truly muti-purpose knife, these chef's knives is your go-to knife for a variety of tasks including chopping, slicing, and mincing.

Shun Classic Paring Knives

For work which requires more precision, look to these paring knives for coring fruit, slicing vegetables, and mincing garlic.

Shun Classic Utility Knives

Great for preparing fruits and vegetables The Shun Classic utility knives are ideal when you're cutting anything that's too small for a larger chef's knife. Also, using them is breeze because of their ergonomic handles and balanced weight.

Shun Classic Santoku Knives

These Japanese-style santoku knives can handle a variety tasks much like a western chef's knife. Some santoku knives feature a hollow ground keeping food from sticking to the blade.

Shun Classic Steak Knives

Sharp, these steak knives are designed to delicately cut into steak while preserving the juice.

Shun Classic Cleaver

This Chinese cleaver is designed for chopping a variety of fruits and vegetables, no matter what size.

Shun Classic Bread Knives

Long and sharp, these serrated bread knives can effortlessly slice a through variety types of bread without harming the soft insides.

Shun Classic Sharpening Tools

Keep your knife's edge sharp with these Shun sharpening tools.

Shun Classic Shears

Use this taskmaster shears for a variety of tasks in the kitchen like cutting meat.

Shun Classic Boning Knives

These sharp boning knives are designed to easily work around small corners and tendons for easy food preparation.

Shun Classic Carving Knives

These slicing and carving knives are designed to slice through a variety of meats. Carving knives effortlessly slice through roasts while preserving the juice. The slicing knives are able to cut through fish without damaging the meat.

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