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About Cristel Stainless Steel Cookware

New to the US this year, Cristel stainless steel cookware has a few innovative features that can help you to save space, time, energy and cash! This French-made cookware is very similar to all types of fully clad gourmet stainless steel cookware such as All-Clad and Viking. Cristel cookware is sold in 32 countries, and now, the U.S. makes it 33 countries!

Home and professional chefs wherever Cristel is sold love its superb performance, space saving designs and environmental friendliness. The Cristel cookware company comes from a long tradition of French cookware manufacturing. Started in 1830, the predecessor of Cristal was known for its very innovative "stamped" iron pots and pans. In 1986, the Dodane family along with employees made an investment to acquire and re-start the company.

Cristel's first innovation was the "cook and serve" concept with removable handles for cookware. This wonderful invention enabled cooks around the world to save some time by using the same vessel for cooking and serving, instead of having to clean up both a pot and a serving dish!

Cristel continued the tradition of innovation and was first to develop induction-compatible cookware more than 20 years ago, in 1991. You can certainly rely on Cristel cookware to effectively work on all brands of energy-efficient induction cooktops.

The Cristel cookware company is also very environmentally-oriented. All of the non-stick fry pans have a surface that is free of PFOA. All products are designed to be eco-friendly as well as long lasting. That's why every Cristel cookware pot or pan comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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