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Emile Henry Flame Top Ceramic Cookware

Emile Henry Flame Top Ceramic Cookware

Emile Henry

Chose from a variety of shapes, sizes and colors in Emile Henry Flame Top Ceramic Cookware. Use this cookware on most any heat source, including grills. With a separate metal induction disc, you can also use Emile Henry pots on induction cook tops. Dishwasher safe too! Emile Henry is great looking French-made cookware. Take it from stove top to table or freeze in it for time-saving meals. Emile Henry cookware is made of clay found only in Burgundy, France. Each artisan stamps their initials on the bottom of every hand-finished piece of Emile Henry cookware.

Emile Henry Pizza, Grilling & Baking Stones

Emile Henry pizza stones make extra crispy pizza because of patented glazing, which also makes these ceramic pizza stones dishwasher safe. They are also great for cookies. Plus these baking stones don't stain!

Emile Henry Dutch Ovens

Hand-crafted Emile Henry Dutch ovens work similarly to cast iron, but weigh 30% less. These stew pots are extremely durable and easy to lift. You'll appreciate the even heating, light weight and beautiful colors of Emile Henry casseroles.

Emile Henry Tagines

An Emile Henry tagine is a popular ceramic cooking vessel. Use it without the top for sauteing. With the top, use the tagine to braise meat, roast veggies or make a traditional tagine recipe. Because Emile Henry tagines are made from high quality Burgundy clay, they efficiently maintain a constant temperature.

Emile Henry Fondues

The most important component of an Emile Henry fondue set is the French-made ceramic fondue pot because it will hold heat longer than any metal fondue pot. Each fondue set also comes with burner and holder plus 6 fondue forks.

Emile Henry Tart Tatin and Bread Bakers

How about a mouth-watering Tarte Tatine French apple dessert at your next party? This two-piece ceramic bake ware set includes a ceramic pan so you can properly bake the tart. A matching serving platter makes it easy to remove the tarte from the baking dish. Emile Henry ceramic is made in France of Burgundy clay.

Emile Henry Braisers

Ceramic braiser pots from Emile Henry cook meats or vegetables with both dry and moist heat. Use these French-made braiser pans to sear meat, then finish your delicious dish by cooking in hearty stock. Choose from a variety of stunning colors, so you can cook and serve in Emile Henry braisers.

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