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Enclume Pot Racks by Shape

Enclume racks come in a wide selection of sizes, styles, and shapes. Click any of the photos below to view that style of rack in a variety of materials and finishes.

Enclume Oval Racks

enclume oval pot racks

Enclume offers a variety of sizes and designs based on the traditional oval rack. Click the photo at left to see the full selection of Enclume's oval potracks.

Enclume Rectangular Racks

enclume rectangular pot racks

The classic French design beautifully complements any kitchen, while the ample rack space will hold all your cookware. Two sliding hangers adjust for easy installation.

Enclume Crown Racks

enclume crown pot racks

The crowning touch for a smaller kitchen. This elegant compact rack mounts from a single hook for easy installation.

Enclume Half Circles

enclume half circle pot racks

This contemporary-style rack is compact, yet deep enough to hang a large stock pot. Ample storage space remains for more cookware.

Enclume Contemporary Rack

enclume contemporary pot racks

This stainless steel racks presents the timeless elegance of a traditional oval rack in a more streamlined design.

Enclume Bookshelf Racks

enclume bookshelf pot racks

These racks keep your cookware, cookbooks, and other necessities at your fingertips. The arms can be rotated to support rack from the bottom. Available in two depths - the 8a and 8c are 13" deep, the 8b is 9" deep.

Enclume Ceiling Bars

enclume pot rack ceiling bars

The ultimate in design simplicity, this sleek ceiling bar features fixed, offset hangers. Available in 36", 48", 60", and 72" lengths.

Enclume Rolled End Bars

enclume pot rack rolled end bars

Combine the mounting wall brackets (sold separately) with matching rolled end bars to make a rack that's just the right width and depth. All brackets accept shelving of your choice (not included). Use lag screws for easy mounting (included). Use three brackets with 72" or 96" bars. Available in 36", 48", 54", 72" and 96" lengths.

Enclume Utensil Bars

enclume utensil bars

Get your utensils out of the drawer and up where you can readily use them. Install one of these versatile bars alone or with your cookware rack for the perfect complementing finish. Available in 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", and 48" lengths.

Enclume Wall Oval

enclume pot rack wall ovals

A perfect balance of form and function. The oval shape and curved supporting arm lend an appealing grace. Excellent for smaller work spaces.

Enclume Wall Shelf with Half Circle

enclume wall shelf with half circle pot rack

The half circle gives you depth for large pots, while the long bar has ample space for all your utensils and cookware. The wall brackets adjust for easy mounting and accommodate standard 1" X 4" wood shelving (not included) to hold supplies.

Enclume Corner Racks

enclume corner pot racks

If you have an unused corner, we have the rack for you. Stack these versatile units for even more storage space. Includes the grid shelf. Can be mounted with lag screws into studs, or with toggle bolts (included) into plasterboard or plaster walls.

Enclume Wall Brackets

enclume pot rack wall brackets

These brackets are used to mount Rolled End Bars. They are available in a variety of depths.

Enclume Chain

enclume chains

The flexible way to lower a rack from a high ceiling. Plated chain is lacquered to match hand-polished finishes.

Enclume Assorted Hooks

enclume oval pot racks

Enclume offers a large selection of hooks in different shapes and sizes for a wide variety of uses.