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Kikuichi Japanese Knives

Kikuichi Japanese Knives

There is something almost addictive about Kikuichi Knives. Is it their unbelievably light weight, their absolutely perfect balance, the artistry of design or a razor sharp edge? Using a Kikuichi knife is pure joy. Kikuichi began in the 1100s when Shiro Kanenaga was selected to make swords for the Emperor of Japan. Only the Emperor's swords were allowed to carry the Emperor's symbol, a chrysanthemum. The Kikuichi name means First Chrysanthemum. Kikuichi knives are superior at anything that requires finesse. The feel in the hand is perfect for any task. The blade is so thin and light any slicing job is a dream. Chopping is effortless. Herbs will likely be finer and greener than with any other knife you have ever used. With a Kikuichi knife you will be a more efficient cook capable of greater artistry.

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Electric Knife Sharpeners

Keep your JA Henckels knives sharp with a Chef's Choice or Edgeware electric knife sharpener. We also recommend using a Henckels sharpening steel each time you use a knife. A steel gently straightens the knife blade. It will help to keep knives in good shape. They won't need as frequent sharpening.