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Breville The Big Squeeze Juicer

Breville The Big Squeeze Juicer

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Fearturing a powerful 240W motor, the Beville The Big Squeeze Juicer delivers powerful juice extraction using its Big Squeeze Technology with a reduced operating noise. This masticating style juicer runs at a lower temperature, producing a more nutrient dense and flavorful juice

Features of the Breville The Big Squeeze Juicer
  • Slow squeezing, masticating style juice extractor with juicing screw.
  • The Big Squeeze Juicer has a small-sized feed chute for extracting juices from leafy greens and hard ingredients, and an extra wide feed chute for soft, large-sized fruits and vegetables.
  • Thanks to this Breville juicers spout plug, you can pre-mix juice for an even texture and flavor before pouring.
  • Complete with a reverse and forward button, the Breville Squeeze juicer provides simple, user-friendly controls for easy extraction and unclogging.
  • This juicer's jug and pulp bin can be easily removed for easy maintenance.
  • Extracts juice from fruits, veggies and nuts, while preserving nutrients, fiber, and flavor.
  • Ultra quiet 240 watt motor.

Brand: Breville

  • Do not immerse motor base, plug, or cord in water
  • Only use on a flat, dry surface
  • When in use, do not leave appliance unattended. Any young children near the appliance should be supervised
  • Power cord should not be allowed to become knotted, touch hot surfaces, or hang off of a table or counter
  • Unplug before removing parts, adding parts, or cleaning
  • For indoor use only
  • Do not place near high heat like stoves, burners, etc.
  • Other than cleaning, all maintenance should be performed only by an authorized Breville Service Center technician

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