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Breville the Sommelier Wine Decanter

Breville the Sommelier Wine Decanter

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Decanting wine has never been faster or simpler. The Breville the Sommelier Wine Decanter utilizes 90% pure oxygen to speed up traditional decanting times, allowing you to select your wines just minutes before serving and your guests to enjoy wine at its potential, faster. Air contains all kinds of impurities like moisture, dust, odors that can taint the flavor of wine after a long exposure. The Sommelier uses a chemical free process to remove most of these impurities along with nitrogen and carbon dioxide to leave a highly active, 90% pure oxygen to accelerate the decanting process. This electric decanter opens up wines more fully to the flavor and aroma intended by the winemaker.

Features of the Breville the Sommelier Wine Decanter:
  • Reduces decanting time from hours to less than two minutes.
  • The Sommelier uses 90% pure oxygen to accelerate the decanting process.
  • The Sommelier reduces 1 hour of traditional decanting to 1 minute pure oxygenation.
  • Filters the ambient air to remove impurities (moisture, dust, odors) that affect the flavor and bouquet of wine.
  • Adjustable Countdown Timer: Allows you to tailor oxygenation time to your specific vintage and varietal.
  • Hand Finished Oxygenating Carafe: Controls the oxygen flow up through the wine and fills the carafe.
  • Handmade glass carafe (included) infuses oxygen throughout the entire volume of wine.
  • Small 7 fluid oz. Carafe Sold Separately: Perfect for breathing life into your favorite whiskeys and cognacs.
  • Download the iFavine Mini app for decanting times based on country, region, varietal and vintage, or search online database of 3 million wines.

Brand: Breville
  • Dimensions 16.2 W x 8.7 D x 14.5 H (including carafe) inches.
  • Weight 7.5 pounds.
  • Capacity: 25 fluid oz. Glass Carafe.
  • Voltage: 110-120 Volts.
  • Wattage: 35 W.
  • Settings: Adjustable countdown timer in seconds.
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Product Warranty.
  • Made in China.

  • To prevent against electrical shock, do not immerse appliance, cord or power plug in water or any other liquid
  • Only use on a dry, level surface
  • Keep away from burners and other heat sources
  • Always unwind the power cord before use
  • Keep power cord from hanging over table or counter edges and away from heat sources
  • For indoor, household use only
  • Do not operate if appliance is damaged. Immediately call 1-866-BREVILLE or visit for adjustment, repair, or replacement.
  • For any maintenance on your Breville appliance apart from cleaning, call 1-866-BREVILLE or visit
  • Always turn appliance off before unplugging or cleaning

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