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Demeyere Industry5 Stainless Steel Fry Pans

Demeyere Industry5 Stainless Steel Cookware, with 3-mm thick 5-ply aluminum and aluminum alloy core construction are produced to meet the demands of a busy commercial kitchen. A true workhorse in any kitchen, these solid 5-ply constructed fry pans are heat responsive, providing fast and even heat distribution, perfect for boiling, sweating, or browning. Featuring nonreactive, commercial quality 18/10 stainless steel interior and 18/0 stainless steel exterior with magnetic properties for exceptional performance on any heat source, including induction. Drip-less pouring rims, and ergonomic, stay-cool stainless steel handles help make the Demeyere Industry5 fry pans a pleasure to use. The Silvinox surface treatment maintains a satin-polished beauty through years of daily use. Made in Belgium, and used by chefs worldwide, Demeyere Industry5 brings professional quality fry pans into your home kitchen.

Demeyere Industry5 Stainless Steel Fry Pans

Item Code: DE-I5-Fry
$79.95 – $189.95
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Description In Stock Price Qty
11 inch
12.5 inch w/Helper Handle
8 inch
9.5 inch
$139.95 $79.95

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