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Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron 9 qt. Round Dutch Oven - Marseille

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron 9 qt. Round Dutch Oven - Marseille

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The Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron 9 qt. Round Dutch Oven - Marseille

What could be more convenient that cooking and serving in the same Le Creuset cast iron Dutch oven?
  • Great colors add a bit of fun to the kitchen.
  • Even heat makes cooking easier.
  • A tight fitting lid seals in moisture and keeps food warm for serving.
  • Le Creuset's beautiful enamel finish enables you to cook, then directly serve from this cocotte or Dutch oven.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compared to other premium cast iron, Le Creuset has the lightest weight per quart!
  • Compatible with all cooking surfaces, including induction
  • Ergonomic lid knobs are heat resistant to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Five year limited warranty from Le Creuset with normal use and proper care.
  • Made in France.

    • Measures 12-1/4 inches in diameter, 5 inches tall, 9 quart capacity
    • Weighs 16 pounds, 10 ounces with lid
    • Enamel on cast iron construction.
    • Easy to grip handles, even when wearing an oven mitt!
    • Made in France.

    MFPN: LC-LS2501-3059
    Brand: Le Creuset
    • Le Creuset cast iron cookware can be used on all cooking surfaces, including induction
    • Dishwasher-safe. Hand washing is recommended, as the satin enamel cooking surface will develop its useful patina more quickly with hand washing.
    • In addition, using a dishwasher can dull the exterior surface over time
    • Do not use steel wool, steel scouring pads or abrasive cleansers.
    • Always use oven mitts or use a dry, thick cloth to protect hands from a hot handle.
    • Always place a hot pan on a wooden board, trivet or similar surface, never put a hot Le Creuset pan or pot on an unprotected surface.
    • We recommend using silicone, wooden or heat-resistant plastic tools.
    • Do not use knives or utensils with sharp edges on food in Le Creuset grills, pans or casseroles as this can damage the surface.
    • When cooking on a glass-topped cooking surface, do not slide the cookware across the surface as this may damage the cooking surface.
    • Before first use remove all packaging and labels. Then wash in warm water then rinse and dry. No further preparation of the cooking surface is required.
    • Match the cookware base size to the burner size. This is especially important with gas stoves.
    • When grilling, to assure dramatic grill lines on food, be sure the surface is sufficiently hot before grilling begins.
    • Do not add oil to the cold Le Creuset square Skillet Grill before preheating as the oil may become too hot and begin to smoke.
    • Always cool a hot pan a few minutes before washing.
    • Never plunge a hot Le Creuset cookware into cold water as cracking or loss of enamel may occur.
    • Never store Le Creuset pans while they are still damp. Dry thoroughly.
    • Store pans and grills away from steam.
    • Enamel can be damaged if accidentally dropped or knocked against a hard surface. This type of damage is not covered by the Le Creuset lifetime warranty.
    • Lifetime Le Creuset warranty against material or manufacturing defects when used in a non-commercial environment. Does not cover damage from abuse, commercial use, neglect, abnormal wear or tear, overheating or use not in accordance with the instructions provided. See package insert for details.
    • Made in France

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