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Miyabi Evolution 10 Piece Knife Block Set

Miyabi Evolution 10 Piece Knife Block Set

Item Code: M-116643
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Beautifully polished to a mirror finish, the ice-hardened blades of the Miyabi Evolution 10 Piece Knife Block Set are extremely durable and corrosion resistant. Made from revolutionary fine carbide FC61 steel, these knives offer the signature sharpness for which Japanese knives are known. The ergonomic, triple-rivet POM handles encourage fatigue-free cutting and supports both Western chopping and Asian rocking cuts. With their utmost attention to detail, skilled artisans ensure each knife is of the finest caliber. Time-tested German engineering meets Japanese craftsmanship.

Included in the Miyabi Evolution 10 Piece Knife Block Set:
  • 3 ½ in. Paring knife.
  • 5 ½ in. Utility knife.
  • 6 in. Chef's knife.
  • 7 in. Hollow-edge Santoku.
  • 8 in. Chef's knife.
  • 9 ½ in. Slicer.
  • 9 ½ in. Bread knife.
  • 9 in. Honing steel.
  • Kitchen shears.
  • Magnetic knife block.
  • **Shears and sharpening steel will not attach to the magnetic knife block, which is only intended for the 7 knives.
Features of the Miyabi Evolution Knives:
  • Fabricated from revolutionary FC61 fine carbide steel (400FC.).
  • Ice-hardened FRIODURx2 blade offers exceptional durability, cutting edge retention, and corrosion resistance.
  • Rockwell hardness of 61.
  • Dry Sharpened blade boasts 12° angle, for scalpel-like sharpness.
  • Authentic, thin Japanese blade profile.
  • Ergonomic, triple-riveted POM handle nestles comfortably in the hand.
  • Rounded spine and heel offer tireless cutting.
  • Handcrafted in Seki, Japan.

MFPN: HK-34010-001
Brand: Zwilling
  • Paring knife: 3 ½ in. blade, 8 ¼ in. overall length.
  • Utility knife: 5 ½ in. blade, 10 in. overall length.
  • Chef's knife: 6 in. blade, 11 ¾ in. overall length.
  • Santoku: 7 in. blade, 12 ½ in. overall length.
  • Chef's knife: 8 in. blade, 13 ¼ in. overall length.
  • Honing steel: 9 in. steel, 13 ¼ in. overall length.
  • Slicer: 9 ½ in. blade, 14 ½ overall length.
  • Bread knife: 9 ½ in. blade, 14 ½ in. overall length.
  • Shears: 8 ¼ inches.
  • Magnetic knife block: 13 ½ x 6 ¾ x 8 ¾ inches.
  • Material: High-carbon stainless steel. (FC61)
  • **Shears and sharpening steel will not attach to the magnetic knife block, which is only intended for the 7 knives.

  • recommends washing your knives by hand and then immediately drying them. Do not let your knives soak in water.
  • Avoid cleaners containing bleach or citrus extracts, as they may stain the surface of your knives.
  • For longer lasting knives, cut on a wooden or wood fiber cutting boards. Cutting on hard surfaces such as stone, metal or glass quickly dulls blades.
  • To maintain a sharper cutting edge, use a sharpening steel, preferably each time after using your knives.
  • It's best to store your Zwilling Henckels knife so the edge and your fingers are protected, preferably in a block or in-drawer knife tray.
  • We suggest using a meat cleaver when you need to cut through bone, otherwise you can damage your knife blade.
  • Lifetime warranty from Zwilling J.A. Henckels with normal use and proper care.
  • Made in Seki,Japan.

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