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Peugeot Paris u'Select 7 inch Pepper Mill - Red Lacquer

Peugeot Paris u'Select 7 inch Pepper Mill - Red Lacquer

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The Peugeot Paris U select 7 inch pepper mill, red lacquer, is a traditionally shaped wooden pepper grinder with a French bistro look. This pepper mill from Peugeot is a stylish addition to any table, just as freshly ground pepper is a great addition to the flavor of your meals. Peugeot has a unique two-stage grinding process, designed to get the most flavor from every peppercorn. First, the Peugeot pepper grinder cracks the peppercorn. Then it grinds it to the to the size you select. Using a pepper mill is also an economical choice, since peppercorns will remain fresh longer in their pre-ground state. They'll be full of flavor when you're ready to use your Peugeot Paris pepper mill.

The rich hue of the Paris Peugeot pepper mill in red lacquer wood is a distinctive addition to your table.
  • Peugeot has a patented grinder accurately named U-Select.
  • You select from 6 pre-set grind sizes, or any point in between each size to get exactly the size you need.
  • Once you've selected a specific size of pepper grind, no matter how much grinding you do, that size will remain in place until you change the U'select dial.
  • The 7 inch Paris mill from Peugeot comes filled with black peppercorns, ready to grind.
  • Lifetime warranty from Peugeot on the grinding mechanism
  • Made in France

  • MFPN: PG-23584
    Brand: Peugeot
    • Measures 7 inches tall
    • Made of beech wood
    • Patented U-Select grind, choose from 6 different grinds, extra fine to coarse
    • Adjust dial or ring at bottom of mill to select size
    • You can even adjust for sizes between the 6 main selections to get exactly the grind you need.
    • Lifetime warranty from Peugeot on the grinding mechanism, with normal use and proper care.
    • Five year warranty from Peugeot against manufacturing and materials defects.
    • Guarantee excludes normal wear and tear accidental damage, improper use.
    • Peugeot pepper and salt mills are made in France

    • Wipe exterior with a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly
    • Do not immerse mills in water or any liquid
    • Protect mills from excessive heat and moisture
    • Use only dry, hard black, white or mixed peppercorns in the pepper mill
    • Use only whole peppercorns that are less than 1/4 inch diameter
    • Do not grind green or pink peppercorns in your pepper mill.These peppercorns are too soft and instead of grinding will get stuck in the mill.
    • You can grind green or pink peppercorns in your mill as long as they are 50 percent blended with black, white or dry green peppercorns.
    • Use only coarse, dry salt that is approximately 1/4 inch diameter. Most coarse salts are the appropriate size, provided they are dry.
    • Do not use wet salts in the salt mill or they will cause the mill to corrode.
    • Do not use salts that have been combined with additional ingredients, such as citrus rinds, onions, garlic, sundried tomatoes, etc.
    • Use pepper mill for pepper and salt mill for salt.
    • Do not place salt or other spices in the pepper mill, or pepper or other spices in the salt mill.
    • Please note: if you use Penzy's extra special bold pepper, it will take additional time to grind these pepper corns, because they are significantly larger than average. There is nothing wrong with your grinder, just has to do a little extra grinding.

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