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Shun Large Hinoki Cutting Board w/Juice Groove

Shun Large Hinoki Cutting Board w/Juice Groove

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Shun's lightweight and reversible Hinoki Cutting Board has a flat side and an integrated juice groove on the other side. Soft grain of hinoki wood creates a cutting surface that won't dull your knives, and the beautiful tree age-ring will bring cleanness and comfort to your kitchen. It also has natural antibacterial qualities that make it perfect for cutting food in any kitchen. Made in Japan, this Hinoki cutting board from Shun has a natural lemon scent as well as a beautiful wood profile.


  • Premium, medium-soft Hinoki wood helps maintain your knife's sharp, fine edges
  • Hinoki has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
  • 100% FSC certified wood from well-managed forests
  • Resists water absorption for board longevity

Brand: Shun
  • Length & width: 20 in. x 14 in. (50.8 cm x 35.5 cm)
  • Thickness: 1 in. (2.5 cm)

  • Maintenance tips:

    • Wet cutting board before each use to help resist staining
    • Wash with mild detergent and towel dry
    • Let air-dry away from direct sunlight
    • Do not put in the dishwasher

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