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Wusthof 3 Piece Charcuterie Set w/Plum Wood Handles

Wusthof 3 Piece Charcuterie Set w/Plum Wood Handles

Item Code: M-116008
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The Wusthof 3 Piece Charcuterie Set w/Plum Wood Handles will help highlight your hors d'oeuvre skills while helping you slice and serve in style. Combined with comfortable handles crafted from plum wood, this set has a traditional feel that can complement any kitchen or home entertaining setting.

Included in the Wusthof 3 Piece Charcuterie Set:
  • 4 inch Paté Knife.
  • 5 inch Sausage Knife.
  • 5 inch Soft Cheese Knife.
Features of the Wusthof 3 Piece Charcuterie Set:
  • Laser-cut and stamped high-carbon stainless-steel blades.
  • Full-tang blade.
  • Triple riveted plum wood handles.
  • Attractive straight grain pattern on attractive plum wood handles.
  • Lifetime warranty with proper use and care.
  • Made in Solingen, Germany.

MFPN: WU-8843
Brand: Wusthof
  • Soft-cheese knife: 5 inch blade, with handle: 9½ inches. Weight: 8 oz.
  • Sausage knife: 5 inch blade, with handle: 9½ inches. Weight: 8 oz.
  • Paté knife: 4 inch blade, with handle 8½ inches. Weight: 8 oz.
  • Made in Germany.

  • recommends washing your knives by hand; then immediately drying them. Do not let your knives soak in water.
  • Avoid cleaners containing bleach or citrus extracts. They may stain the surface of your knives.
  • Always use a wooden cutting board to preserve blade sharpness. Cutting on hard surfaces such as stone, metal or glass quickly dulls blades.
  • To maintain a sharper cutting edge, use a sharpening steel, preferably each time after you've used a knife.
  • It's best to store your Wusthof knife so its edge and your fingers are protected, preferably in a block or in-drawer knife tray.
  • We suggest using a meat cleaver when you need to cut through bone, otherwise you can damage your knife blade.
  • Lifetime Wusthof guarantee against material and manufacturing defects, with normal use and proper care.
  • Made in Solingen, Germany

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