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Riedel Wine Glasses & Stemware

Riedel Wine Glasses & Stemware

Choose from a variety of glasses made specially by Riedel for each type of wine, from cabernet to vigonier. You'll find a range of prices too. From the top of the line Riedel Sommelier collection of wine glasses to the Riedel Wine Style line, perfect for every day. These wine glasses are crafted in Austria or Germany and are made of high quality 24% leaded crystal. Click here to compare Riedel wine glass styles.

Riedel Vinum Wine Glasses

Riedel Vinum wine glasses are the best selling Riedel style. Each shape was designed to enhance the flavor of the select wine varietal. The shape of the bowl brings out complex aromas and its thin rim directs the wine to the most sensitive part of your pallet.

Riedel Vinum Extreme Wine Glasses

Riedel Vinum Extreme Wine Glasses are drop dead gorgeous. These stunning glasses have a sumptuous oversized bowl combined with an extra tall stem. As with all Riedel stemware, Vinum Extreme is crafted to enhance the flavors of each of your favorite wines. They are made in Germany.

Riedel Vinum XL Wine Glasses

Riedel Vinum XL wine glasses have been designed to bring out the best in young wines. This glass shapes in this collection bring out maximum flavor and character of wine. Vinum XL is made by Riedel in Bavaria.

Riedel Sommelier Wine Glasses

Sommelier wine glasses are Riedel's top of the line style. Each Riedel Sommeliers wine glass is blown into a mold for the bowl. Then the stem and base are attached using centuries old Austrian glass making and superb craftsmanship.

Riedel Sommelier Black Tie Wine Glasses

Riedel Sommelier Black Tie wine glasses have a striking black stem with a bowl shaped to enhance the best flavors in each wine varietal. Each Sommeliers Black Tie wine glass is blown into a mold for the bowl, then the stem and base are attached using centuries old Austrian glass making.

Riedel Wine Series Glasses

The Riedel Wine Line is ideal for every day wine enjoyment because of its extremely reasonable price. Riedel wine style glasses were designed to enhance the flavor of wine based on the shape of the glass. These Riedel wine glasses are made in Germany. Make them your every day indulgence and order today!

Riedel Bar Glasses

Riedel glasses are not just for wine anymore! Enjoy a martini, scotch, even tequila from a quality Riedel crystal glass. Riedel bar glasses are made with the same care and design expertise so you can enjoy the best possible flavor from your favorite spirits. Riedel bar ware is made in Bavaria of high quality 24% leaded crystal.

Riedel Coca-Cola Glasses

Riedel now has special Coca-Cola glasses to optimize the taste and look of an authentic soda glass.