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Mauviel coowkare set

French Cookware Brands

France has a rich history of quality cookware manufacturing. We selected three amazingly high quality brands of French cookware to feature on our website. Each brand has unique features that you'll find to be useful in your kitchen!

Mauviel copper cookware has been making innovative copper cookware since 1830 an is known through out the world. Mauviel also produces stainless and hard anodized aluminum cookware with exacting standards as their copper.

Emile Henry ceramic cookware comes in a variety of colors and styles. Because ceramic has natural, non-stick properties, this cookware is useful when you're trying to watch fat and calories.

Cristel stainless steel cookware is new to the US. In Europe, Cristel cookware is known for its innovative, removable handles that make for compact storage. Cristel was the first induction-compatible cookware to be made in France.

Mauviel Copper

Mauviel Copper Cookware

Mauviel French copper cookware is the chef's standard for copper cookware. Since 1830, Mauviel has been known for its stellar construction, beautiful design, and unparalleled quality.

Emile Henry Cookware

Emile Henry Flame Top ceramic cookware is some of the world's first ceramic cookware that can be used with almost any cooking surface. Made in Marcigny, France, this amazing ceramic cookware is made from all-natural materials, such as Burgundy clay.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset French enameled cast iron and stainless steel cookware is renowned for its even heating and world-class cooking performance. Made in France, you can depend on Le Creuset because it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Cristel Casteline Stainless Steel Cookware

Cristel Stainless Cookware

Cristel Cookware has removable handles. This French made cookware comes in 3 styles, is induction compatible and has a lifetime guarantee.