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Global Knives

Global Knives

Global Knives

Global Knives are easy to use, razor-sharp and exceptionally light. Knives from Global are unique in the world of fine cutlery. The stainless steel used in a Global knife is harder than the steel used in traditional German cutlery. Global knives stay sharper longer. Global cutlery is also much lighter than many top quality knives because of strong, thin blades balanced with comfortable handles. Confidently select Global knives, backed with a lifetime warranty from Global cutlery.

Global Knife Block Sets

A professional presentation and organization of your Global knives plus extra value over buying by the piece.

Global Knife Sets

Boxed sets make excellent gifts, and are also an economical way to begin or add to your collection of Global knives.

Global Sai Knives

Global Sai knives are the newest line of high-quality cutlery from Global. These knives feature a new hand-hammered blade and a 3-layer construction for better edge life and performance.

Global Santoku Knives

The Japanese Santoku Knife is great for chopping, dicing, and even carving or slicing. A must have for your collection.

Global Chef's Knives

The Chef's knife, often called a Cook's knife, is the workhorse of the kitchen. Perfectly balanced for effortless chopping, mincing, and dicing, this is the knife the professional chef reaches for most often.

Global Steak Knives

These premium steak knives are both functional and an elegant addition to your table.

Global Paring Knives

For intricate tasks requiring precision and control. Used for paring, trimming, coring, and dicing fruits and vegetables.

Global Slicers

A variety of shapes and syles for slicing and carving.

Global Carving Knives & Forks

Light and heavy weight carving knives, and matching forks.

Global Utility Knives

Sandwich knives and other small utility knives for various functions in the kitchen.

Global Boning Knives

The tapered, pointed blade is designed for working closely around bones and joints.

Global Bread Knives

The serrated edge easily slices the crustiest breads.

Global Cleaver

A heavier blade designed to cut through tendon and bone. Use in place of your lighter knives to protect them.

Global Vegetable Knives

A Japanese style knife for cutting vegetables.

Global Fillet Knives

A thin knife designed for filleting.

Global Cheese Knives

The Global knives are especially designed to yield clean slices from even the crumbliest types of cheese.

Global Sashimi Knives

Designed for slicing fish and cutting rolls.

Global Deba Knives

A heavy sushi/sashimi knife for cutting the skin and bones of fish.

Global Forks & Seafood Sets

These forged forks steadies roast and other meats during carving. Global's seafood sets are perfect for lobster, crab and shrimp feasts!

Global Sharpening Steels

Used for realigning the edges of your knives with each use.

Global Ceramic Whetstones

Choose from a variety of incredibly durable ceramic whetstones and various sharpening accessories from Global.

Hand-Held Sharpeners

Handheld sharpeners produced by MinoSharp and Shinkansen are great tools for sharpening your Global knives.

Global Knife Storage

Elegant blocks, wall magnets, and trays to store, protect, and display your Global cutlery.

Global Turners & Spatulas

A variety of turners and spatulas.

Global Tongs & Fish Bone Tweezers

A variety of Global tongs and tweezers.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

Keep your knives sharp with a Chef's Choice or Edgeware electric knife sharpener. We also recommend using a Henckels sharpening steel each time you use a knife. A steel gently straightens the knife blade. It will help to keep knives in good shape. They won't need as frequent sharpening.